QR codes

a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone.


QR codes are 2 dimension versions of a barcodes. Standing for quick response is a quick access to information that is hidden behind the code. They are better then conventional bar codes because they have the ability to hold more information.

Augmented Reality Vs. Virtual Reality in a Classroom

Although many people may think that augmented reality and virtual reality are the same, they have very distinct differences.

Augmented Reality

Using a camera augmented reality adds digital elements to the world around you. Using snapchat filters is a prime example of augmented reality being used in everyday life. The potential to use this augmented reality in a classroom is huge. Augmented reality can help to keep students focused and engaged. In turn this will help in learning and memory of the material. 3 dimensional models can also be used in a classroom setting for interactive learning or supporting of a main concept. Elements 4D is a great example of an application using augmented reality to support learning. This allows students the ability to interact with and combine different elements to see how they are effected in real time.

Virtual Reality

Is a complete immersion into another world that shut of outside stimulus. Users have the ability to be transferred to a completely realistic virtual world. The potential to use virtual reality in a classroom endless. There is a company called ClassVR which bridges the gap between the classroom and virtual reality. The site has great reading n how VR can be used in classroom management and independent learning. It also has lesson plans and an informative blog. Click here to do more research into the world of VR in the classroom.

Beam Robot

Beam is a robotic telepresence tool that allows anyone to collaborate and participate in activities virtually at any time anywhere. These robots can be a great tool that helps to encourage distributed learning within a classroom setting. The ability to still be able to collaborate productively while located anywhere is a very valuable tool.

Distributed learning

an instructional model that allows instructor, students, and content to be located in different, noncentralized locations so that instruction and learning can occur independent of time and place.


This model of distributed learning can take on an model of online classrooms and learning. Distributed learning can be combined with a traditional classroom and take on a blended learning approach.

Some Advantages may include:

  1. Opportunities to study
  2. Selection of Professors
  3. Numerous choices for schools
  4. No classroom setting
  5. Effective
  6. Learning while working
  7. Flexibility
  8. International Networking

What is my experience with distributed learning?

As a student growing up in a formal classroom setting I had very little experience with distributed learning. Due to this fact the concept of learning outside the classroom setting in a fairly new one for me. As a student myself playing hockey at a high level as a child I had to miss a lot of school for practices and tournaments. My experience was if I was out of town there was no the ability for me to attend class through technology. Instead I would have to hurry my learning to catch up with my classmates when I returned to school days later. I think the lack of distributed learning is partly due to the small amount of mainstream technology at the time of my schooling; however, in today’s educational society I think distributed learning can be a valuable tool for students.

Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

GAFE is a service that was created by google specifically for use by educators and students. These apps include include GmailHangoutsGoogle CalendarDriveDocsSheetsSlidesGroupsNewsPlay, and Sites.

Google Classroom

This is a tool that was created by google in collaboration with educators to manage and distribute course work, assignments, grades, and feedback to students. The process of making and being the administrator of a google classroom is streamlined. It is a free easy to use tool that allows teachers to use their time in more constructive ways.

Google Docs

Is a way for students to collaboratively work on an assignment simultaneously from different locations. I personally use google docs for everything I do in school and personally think it is one of the most important applications while doing collaborative group work. It allows us to utilize our time more efficiently and gives us the ability to fit group work into our busy schedules easier.


Sketchnoting is a process that allows students to take lecture content at lower levels therefore remembering less content. This is done through active summarization that helps to transfer things from short term memory to long term memory easier. This way of note taking that incorporates the use of not only text but visual pictures. Studies have shown that taking notes on a computer opposed to using pen an paper effects a students efficiency when recalling the information. This coupled with the fact that drawing even as short as a 4 second sketch will also help with memory recall, means sketchnoting is the most effective way to take notes. Sketchnoting engages the whole mind, helps with concentration, crates a visual map, taps into visual imagining and can be fun/ fulfilling. Every student learns in different fashions and it is the teachers duty to give students different tools to see what works best for them. As a student I find the visual aspect of learning has always helped with my memory. Writing on a laptop has never given me the same effect as it seems very similar to mindless copying. when trying out sketchnoting I found it helped me stay engaged and overall retain the information better. With a little bit of practice I think that sketchnoting could become a viable way for me to take notes.

Using Minecraft for Education

Minecraft education edition is “a game-based learning platform with standards-aligned content across K12 subjects and special features designed for classroom use. Minecraft is already supporting thousands of educators in over 100 countries.”


Today in class we had teachers and students visit from Colquitz Middle School to talk to us about how they use Minecraft in their own education. The students lead us through our own learning experience using hands on tutorials to navigate through this immersive world. We also were given time to explore and create. I had fun being creative and built a skyscraper house as seen below. It was a valuable learning experience to see how this edition had classroom friendly features while still maintaining its ability to have children be creative and innovative. Minecraft allows students to be in a world with endless opportunities, having the limitations only being their imaginations. The games unique features still allows teachers to keep control over students to manage and asses their learning. There is a great network of teachers that have already implemented MinecraftEDU in their own classrooms. Click here to view @PlayCraftLearn on twitter which has loads of previously completed lesson plans and ideas within the K12 setting.

Having a Professional Twitter

A professional educational twitter can be a great resource to use throughout a teaching career. It is a great way to network with the teaching community and form professional relationships with people you would not connect with otherwise. As a future teacher I think it is important for my career to start networking as soon as possible. I will continue to post more on my professional twitter to become visible within the educational community.

Jesse Miller

Jesse Miller, the founder of “Mediated Reality” had useful insight into what we should be aware of on the internet as future teachers. Jesse really got me thinking into how the use of social media can effect myself and others inside and outside the school. I learned how interconnected all online platforms are. I found it crazy how so many different things are connected just by my email. It is important to keep professional emails/ social media accounts and personal emails/ social media accounts. This is because these can become connected and personal accounts can become easily discover by students and parents. Because of this teachers should be cautious while posting to their own person accounts. As teachers we should always keep it professional and refrain from having alcohol or questionable behaviours being posted online. These posts are never really deleted and may be found by future employers. A good rule of thumb before posting to social media would be “Would I mind showing this to my principal or colleagues at work”.


Creative commons is a website that is devoted to increasing the work that can be legally shared and add to on the internet. Pictures with CC licenses allow the creators to voice what actions they want taken when their work is used elsewhere on the internet. These licenses are easy to understand and are helping creators and consumers share data legally throughout the internet. Click here for more information.

Photo by Anabell Alicia Licensed CC BY 2.0