Jesse Miller

Jesse Miller, the founder of “Mediated Reality” had useful insight into what we should be aware of on the internet as future teachers. Jesse really got me thinking into how the use of social media can effect myself and others inside and outside the school. I learned how interconnected all online platforms are. I found it crazy how so many different things are connected just by my email. It is important to keep professional emails/ social media accounts and personal emails/ social media accounts. This is because these can become connected and personal accounts can become easily discover by students and parents. Because of this teachers should be cautious while posting to their own person accounts. As teachers we should always keep it professional and refrain from having alcohol or questionable behaviours being posted online. These posts are never really deleted and may be found by future employers. A good rule of thumb before posting to social media would be “Would I mind showing this to my principal or colleagues at work”.

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