Using Minecraft for Education

Minecraft education edition is “a game-based learning platform with standards-aligned content across K12 subjects and special features designed for classroom use. Minecraft is already supporting thousands of educators in over 100 countries.”

Today in class we had teachers and students visit from Colquitz Middle School to talk to us about how they use Minecraft in their own education. The students lead us through our own learning experience using hands on tutorials to navigate through this immersive world. We also were given time to explore and create. I had fun being creative and built a skyscraper house as seen below. It was a valuable learning experience to see how this edition had classroom friendly features while still maintaining its ability to have children be creative and innovative. Minecraft allows students to be in a world with endless opportunities, having the limitations only being their imaginations. The games unique features still allows teachers to keep control over students to manage and asses their learning. There is a great network of teachers that have already implemented MinecraftEDU in their own classrooms. Click here to view @PlayCraftLearn on twitter which has loads of previously completed lesson plans and ideas within the K12 setting.

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