Sketchnoting is a process that allows students to take lecture content at lower levels therefore remembering less content. This is done through active summarization that helps to transfer things from short term memory to long term memory easier. This way of note taking that incorporates the use of not only text but visual pictures. Studies have shown that taking notes on a computer opposed to using pen an paper effects a students efficiency when recalling the information. This coupled with the fact that drawing even as short as a 4 second sketch will also help with memory recall, means sketchnoting is the most effective way to take notes. Sketchnoting engages the whole mind, helps with concentration, crates a visual map, taps into visual imagining and can be fun/ fulfilling. Every student learns in different fashions and it is the teachers duty to give students different tools to see what works best for them. As a student I find the visual aspect of learning has always helped with my memory. Writing on a laptop has never given me the same effect as it seems very similar to mindless copying. when trying out sketchnoting I found it helped me stay engaged and overall retain the information better. With a little bit of practice I think that sketchnoting could become a viable way for me to take notes.

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