Augmented Reality Vs. Virtual Reality in a Classroom

Although many people may think that augmented reality and virtual reality are the same, they have very distinct differences.

Augmented Reality

Using a camera augmented reality adds digital elements to the world around you. Using snapchat filters is a prime example of augmented reality being used in everyday life. The potential to use this augmented reality in a classroom is huge. Augmented reality can help to keep students focused and engaged. In turn this will help in learning and memory of the material. 3 dimensional models can also be used in a classroom setting for interactive learning or supporting of a main concept. Elements 4D is a great example of an application using augmented reality to support learning. This allows students the ability to interact with and combine different elements to see how they are effected in real time.

Virtual Reality

Is a complete immersion into another world that shut of outside stimulus. Users have the ability to be transferred to a completely realistic virtual world. The potential to use virtual reality in a classroom endless. There is a company called ClassVR which bridges the gap between the classroom and virtual reality. The site has great reading n how VR can be used in classroom management and independent learning. It also has lesson plans and an informative blog. Click here to do more research into the world of VR in the classroom.