Classroom Blog Safety Measures

It is important while setting up a classroom blog to keep in mind safety measures that will protect the students online and reduce risk. A few important guidelines should be followed throughout the classroom blogging experience to promote these safety measures. Students should first only identify by their first names while posting online. This is important because it allows the students to become anonymous to a point and protect the students further from threats that occur online. Posts should not include personal details about a student either. This would include things like addresses, family information, telephone numbers, schools name or a friends personal information. Knowing that the internet is open to all, we do not want students to give up personal information that could lead to harming them in the future. When parents leave comments on a blog they are also asked to only identify their child by their first name. The teacher should also talk to the students about bulling online and how it is not acceptable. The STOP, BLOCK, TELL rule is a good one to follow for online bullying. All of these safety measures can be managed by having the teacher first approve posts and comments before they are put on the Internet. That way if a student is engaging in unsafe internet practices the teacher can catch these and stop them before the post is shared with the world online. Students should also know about general online safety as well. Speaking to them about things like not meeting up with anyone face to face they meet online is important. Moreover, students should know to never share Internet passwords with anyone except their parents. Parents should also be informed to check the privacy settings on all devices and sites their child is using. The settings should be the highest possible.

Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry

The Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry is Victoria’s newest high school, offering a truly personalized education. Through a formal inquiry process, learners at PSII develop interdisciplinary pathways leading to learning activities that take them through a curriculum all their own, while also meeting or exceeding BC graduation requirements.

While visiting PSII today some valuable insight into the world of alternative inquiry based schools was had. I found it interesting just how much choice the students had and how different this was in comparison to the traditional setting most of us are used to. While having the chance to chat and observe students and teachers, just how big these differences are became apparent. The school focuses on completely different core values and competencies then public schools but then molds them to fit the BC ministry guidelines after the fact.

As seen below many values include open inquiry and collaborative learning. This is a cutting edge way of thinking about how students learn best. With the new BC curriculum the ability for more inquiry is present, however, PSII takes this to the next level. They have no formal classrooms or assigned teachers. Instead students are encouraged and free to dive deep into topics that interest them, finding the answers to questions they are most passionate about.

Having such open curriculum makes it hard to organize projects and students. At PSII they use Trello to help organize the students learning and make their own lives easier. This is a great tool for while using inquiry projects. In class we use Trello and have first hand experience into why this is such a wonderful tool that can be used in our own classes.

Using Apple Applications For Education

IMovie is an intuitive video and picture editing platform that lets you assemble and customize your videos. IMovie is great for allowing users to edit each individual clip by adding background music, visual effects, text and audio over top. Because the IMovie platform is super easy to use it allows teachers to integrate the use and creation of videos into their classrooms and lesson plans.

Another great application that can be used to intergrade into the classroom is Garage band. This is an audio editing platform that is also very intuitive and easy to use. It allow students to be able to use online instruments like guitars, percussion and piano. Moreover, they are able to play around with these different sounds to create music or edit other sounds.

In class we went through a helpful tutorial that helped us understand how these applications can be used in a classroom setting. This session was very informative and helped me gain a higher level of confidence. I now feel i would be able to implement these techniques in my own classroom. I cannot believe that I have had these applications on my computer and had never used them before. Below I have put a link to my edited video.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing with Ian Landy was great insight into talking informative feedback, e-portfolios, blogging and tweeting!

E-Portfolios are great way to digitally collect course related work created by a student but are not limited to only academic work. Aspects like community work and extracurricular activities can also be added. These are great for documenting a students learning and development over the school year. E-portfolios allow student to reflect and assess their completed academic work better. By using applications like Freshgrade teachers are moving away from traditional reports and instead the implementation of only portfolios. It will be interesting to see how the grading landscape will change in the future as it is influenced by technology.

Professional learning during an EdCamp

I think it is important for teachers to always engage in professional learning and become life long learners. In today’s world new methods of teaching and technology changes rapidly. For the sake of staying up to date on new teaching methods EdCamps can be a valuable tool.

EdCamps are completely free and participant driven letting the participants take the session in the directions they are passionate about learning further. This is more beneficial compared to hiring an expensive key note speaker. Participants will have a great deal of experience in the field allowing the ability to dive deep into the subject.

During our EdCam experience I found it beneficial to listen to others experiences in out door learning environments as children and how they differed from mine. We shared ideas on how to implement outdoor environments in our own future classrooms.

Goals For The Semester

I believe that EDCI 306a and the UVIC Edtech department will be very beneficial on my path to becoming a classroom educator. In the twenty first century we have seen a large amount of technology innovation in education. In the world of technology today things move extremely quickly; however, without proper education many do not know about or implement tools that are very beneficial for the classroom. My expectation this semester is to gain experience using tools that will help facilitate my future students learning. In particular, I have heard talk around teachers using Google classroom. I would like to become more familiar with this tool as I think it will simplify aspects of classroom management. I would also like to learn more about OPEC Cloud Computing Guidelines for Public Bodies. I believe that it is important to follow the law in order to protect myself when in the field of teaching. I would like to do this by learning this semester what these guidelines demand. I am most excited for my passion project and the freedom it entails. Throughout the semester I will be updating you, the reader on my learning process as I take steps towards becoming an educator of the future.

Who am I?

Who I am can be dependent on many external factors; however, I am usually a loving, caring and thoughtful nineteen year old UVIC student. I can be found most days being active after classes whether it be in the gym, playing hockey or going for night time runs. Other then leading a healthy lifestyle I love to ski and be in the outdoors. There is something magical about being away from the city and in the element of mother nature. Although I do appreciate the city life and loved growing up in the lower mainland area. I was very fortunate to have a great childhood with two loving parents and a sister. I can contribute many of the best qualities that I portray to the family that raised me. they really did shape me into the person I am today

The Journey Begins

“The journey is never ending. There’s always going to be growth, improvement, adversity; you just gotta take it all in and do whats right, continue to grow, continue to live in the moment.” – Antonio Brown