EDCI 306A Final Reflection

My Music Growth plan goal by the midterm point of the semester was to be able to play a song that is the equivalent to a grade 2 level of the Royal Conservatory music book. The song I ended up choosing was the Pink Panther. I had a few assets and some liabilities that have helped me while trying to reach my music education goals. I think that using my previous music knowledge from my childhood helped me to reach my goals quicker and to a higher standard. I also think I was able to reach my goals faster in the second half of the semester because I had already re-learned a lot of the basics like reading sheet music. Having previously learned songs acted as a “warm-up” to learn my second song. This helped to counteract the fact that I had not played piano in at least 6-8 years and could not remember the basics. I also found it very difficult to practice at certain times because I did not have a piano at home. This meant that I would have to practice at school; however, I got kicked out of the piano rooms multiple times which was frustrating and slowed my learning process.

For my final growth plan, I decided to learn the baby shark song on piano first. I thought it would be a valuable experience to learn this song on the piano because it is a very well known song that is used widely in schools. I would be able to actually implement this song into an early elementary school lesson plan. I believed this would be a great way to also warm up my skills before jumping right back into learning another more difficult piece of music. I then started my final learning goal: learn a song that is equivalent to a grade 2 level of the Royal Conservatory music book. I think that the “Pink Panther” was a good level piece of music for my skills. It was still challenging for me to learn this piece but not to difficult where I lost motivation due to frustration. This song was fast compared to any other piece I had played before. This made it difficult for me to get Pink Panther fully up to speed. Nevertheless, with determination and muscle memory I was able to. I am glad I was able to create muscle memory because I firmly believe that this will allow me to remember how to play the song better in the future.

Memory is a very important aspect of a classroom setting. It can be used to improve student’s decision-making, memory, empathy, and social connections. Lowering stress through music is something I would use in my own classroom as an educator. The experience of navigating through my Musical Growth Plan was greatly beneficial to my learning. This taught me skills that are actually applicable and that can be used in my own classroom. Furthermore, this gave me confidence in my ability and has helped me feel comfortable playing in front of others. EDCI 306A in general showed me just how important music implementation and integration is.

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