EDCI 306A Reflection Three

I believe that our mini lesson plan went well, but there were some improvements that could of happened. I felt confident with how our lesson was going to work and how I was going to go about explaining it to the students; however, there was confusion with who was going to present what parts of the lesson while in front of the class. I think this was because we were such a large group. Nevertheless, we could of benefited from more collaboration as an entire group. While demonstrating the game, I noticed that everyone was listening and engaged. However, I have a monotone voice when I speak regularly and some of my monotone voice could be heard when I was instructing. Next time, I would work on having a more lively voice with the students. Checking for understanding with the students is important and when asked if anyone had any questions, we could clarify the confusing parts to help make the lesson run more smoothly. During the game the students appeared to be having fun. It was a good length as well, taking under a reasonable amount of time to explain/set up and learn. During the game, I could have moved around more as I stood in more or less the same spot the entire time. The end of the lesson was very abrupt; I could of brought everyone in after to review the skills we learned during the lesson to elaborate on why we were learning certain aspects of music. From my own observations, I thought overall the lesson went well. The consensus from the class was that this lesson would have been engaging for students and that they would be open to teaching it in their own classes. I will use the constructive criticism given by the class to better my teaching abilities in the next lesson planning assignment. Overall I think this was a valuable experience in getting us comfortable teaching music to a class of our peers. I think it was important to have a “dry run” through the experience first so we are able to correct mistakes before we are marked and in turn learn from these mistakes.

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