EDCI 306A Midterm

 My Musical Growth plan goal by the midterm point of the semester was to accomplish the ability to read sheet music and play a song that is equivalent to a grade 1 level of the Royal Conservatory music book. I had a few assets that I believed would help me while trying to reach my goals as well as some liabilities. First off playing piano as a child for 6 years would give me a good musical background that I believe helped me greatly; however, I had not touched a piano or any musical instrument in 6-8 years. This would prove to become a problem as I was very rusty and would have to relearn everything, even how to read basic sheet music. I also did not have a piano at home, which limited my ability to practice at certain times throughout my learning process. Although, with my great determination and a friend who plays the piano while also majoring in music, I was able to overcome the setbacks. I first wanted to relearn sheet music because I believed that it was a basic skill needed to play the piano. I also liked the idea that sheet music is universal and that re-learning how to read it would prove to be beneficial for all instruments. I used YouTube videos and found great resources online that helped me re-learn basic theory concepts. I was then able to apply this knowledge to eventually begin reading piano sheet music. When I felt comfortable enough with my abilities I started re-learning how to play basic songs on the piano like “twinkle twinkle little star” and “Marry had a little lamb”. I believed that it was important to warm up and develop my skills before jumping into a difficult piece of music. I then started my second goal: learn a song that is equivalent to a grade 1 level of the Royal Conservatory music book. I choose the song “piano man” to learn because there were lots of resources online to help me study this song. In hindsight “piano man” was probably a very hard song for me to learn right away because of the speed it is played at. Due to this factor, it took me a lot longer than I had anticipated to learn the piece. By the midterm part of the semester I had reached my goal, however, I was only able to play the song at half the regular speed. While learning the song, on a couple occasions I debated trying to learn a different song instead of “piano man” because of the sheer frustration and difficulty I had. I am very proud that I finished learning the song and am amazed by what I was able to do with determination. I think that it is important for me to continue with my musical learning. Music is so important in a classroom setting. It can be used to improve memory, decision-making and learning in students. Music can be used as an outlet for students as well that in turn will lower their overall stress. This is why I am excited to continue the journey through my Musical Growth Plan. In the upcoming weeks, I will choose another song to learn that is now equivalent to a grade 2 level of the Royal Conservatory music book. Although, this time I am going to be certain that it is a true grade 2 level and choose a song that is slower than “piano man”.

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