Using Apple Applications For Education

IMovie is an intuitive video and picture editing platform that lets you assemble and customize your videos. IMovie is great for allowing users to edit each individual clip by adding background music, visual effects, text and audio over top. Because the IMovie platform is super easy to use it allows teachers to integrate the use and creation of videos into their classrooms and lesson plans.

Another great application that can be used to intergrade into the classroom is Garage band. This is an audio editing platform that is also very intuitive and easy to use. It allow students to be able to use online instruments like guitars, percussion and piano. Moreover, they are able to play around with these different sounds to create music or edit other sounds.

In class we went through a helpful tutorial that helped us understand how these applications can be used in a classroom setting. This session was very informative and helped me gain a higher level of confidence. I now feel i would be able to implement these techniques in my own classroom. I cannot believe that I have had these applications on my computer and had never used them before. Below I have put a link to my edited video.


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