Goals For The Semester

I believe that EDCI 306a and the UVIC Edtech department will be very beneficial on my path to becoming a classroom educator. In the twenty first century we have seen a large amount of technology innovation in education. In the world of technology today things move extremely quickly; however, without proper education many do not know about or implement tools that are very beneficial for the classroom. My expectation this semester is to gain experience using tools that will help facilitate my future students learning. In particular, I have heard talk around teachers using Google classroom. I would like to become more familiar with this tool as I think it will simplify aspects of classroom management. I would also like to learn more about OPEC Cloud Computing Guidelines for Public Bodies. I believe that it is important to follow the law in order to protect myself when in the field of teaching. I would like to do this by learning this semester what these guidelines demand. I am most excited for my passion project and the freedom it entails. Throughout the semester I will be updating you, the reader on my learning process as I take steps towards becoming an educator of the future.


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